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John C

"TMI is a group of motorhome owners that has come together to help each other, parking spots, technical help, and all have the idea of having a great time meeting like minded people. Great bunch of people am proud to belong to.."

Vince H

"Whenever you're stuck, with nowhere to turn
Give TMI a shout and you'll very soon learn
That before you know it, your problem's in the past
The fix has been posted, usually real fast.
There are so many members with words of advice
Nobody gets shouted at, they're all really nice.
Waste no more time, looking for a better site
With TMI by your side, your future travels will be bright"

John C

"TMI...a very helpful group of people giving advice and recommendations. Opened our eyes to the lovely country we live in. Wouldn't have seen much of it without the group."


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